Currently, I'm still working on sections of the site, and while it may look llike you can add items to a cart - it's not completed yet. The best way is to directly contact me through Facebook Messenger, or you may use the Contact form as well, which will email me your request.

(Prices in CAD)

  • CANADA shipping is as from Canada Post (Contact me).
  • USA $10 + $1 for each figure beyond the first.
  • UK $15 + $2 for each figure beyond the first.
  • AUS $20 + $2.50 for each figure beyond the first.
  • Elsewhere - Contact me for a quote.

I offer 3 ways to buy

  1. You can purchase just the card.
    Cards are always for sale - I can print them fairly quickly.

  2. You can purchase a mounted figure on the card.
    I try to carry stock on many figures (Note: I buy them the same way you do - I don't have a direct line to Hasbro or something magical ike that). On the Catalogue page it will list "Card and Figure, Mounted" underneath and a price for that item if it is in stock.
    (*NOTE* I sell online here, and on eBay and sometimes I miss taking something out of stock. If that happens, I'm really, really sorry).

  3. You can send me figures to mount
    Typically this is a good option for those of you who have serveral loose figures (or carded ones, for that matter) already that you want me to mount on a card. Rather than buying the figure and card from me, you are just paying for the work to put them ona card. If you want to use this option, please contact me to work out the details.

    • Maximums - Maximum 16 3.75" or 8 6" figures at a time. This is just so I am not spending weeks at a time for just one customer.
    • Tracking - Please send me the tracking # for all shipments.
    • Duties Tariffs - Im in Canada, which means for the most of you sending , you will have to be careful about duties. Essentially, when they ask you the value of your goods, you might be thinking about the insurance, but they also use this number fo figure out how much duties to charge at the border. The charging of duties is haphazard through Canada Post. If you put "used action figures" it is more likely they go through without a charge (which is true anyway). If you say your figures are worth $1000, be prepared to pay an extra $200. Sufficed to say, put a number you are comfortable with as insurance and duties, and err on the side of less $$$ - you are much more likely to be charged duties than your figures are to be lost.
      If duties are charged on your figures, I will add that charge to your bill.
    • Baggies - Please ship each figure individually with it's accessories in a baggy. Accessories are really a problem if they are loose - I won't always know which acceessory goes with which.
    • Manifest - Please don't send me surprises! If you have a custom you want done just ofr your figure, just ask in advance. Some figures I just can't do - blister sizes is often the culprit.
    • Address - Please contact me and ask for my address, which I will not post here. I do NOT live in Niagara Falls - that's just the return address of the shipping service I use here.

Typcially I will send you a PayPal invoice. You can protect yourself using PayPal G&S that way, but if you are a trusting sort with me I'm always fine if you send it F&F so I get the money ;).

OK - Here we go! Yes I do commission work. But...
Keep in mind I have a fairly narrow set of rules by which I will do commission work - here are just some of them:

  • I don't do reproductions.
    Ever. If you see a card I did that looks like a repro, it means I did it first and then Hasbro used the same image later (looking at you, Chirrut and Rogue One Vader). This a thing. I will not bend on this rule.

  • Star Wars Only
    Yes, actually I'd love to do some Transformers work as well but I really need to limit myself.

  • My Frames stay the way they are
    By "Frame" I mean the Movie Logo, the runner, the name pill and the background for the blister. Most especially, the background for the blisters where the figure goes - I'm not going to change that for "your" blister. It's simply not going to work, and it's actually a lot of effort to do so. I size my backgrounds for the blisters I can acquire and use.

  • I need high-res images
    And I know how this will sound but I'll say it anyway - as an "artist" my work is important to me to keep up a standard of quality. Hey I know, not everything I do is absolutely out-of-this-world, and I don't knock every card out of the park, but I also know when it's not going to work. My favourite example of this is Wilrow Hood. There exists no hi-res unblurry pics of him running through Bespin, so I've yet to make a card for him (and probably never will). The biggest area this affects isn't where you think - lots of OT movie footage works - since there are 2k versions of them (although low lit scenes are generally poor - see Jabba's Sail Barge/Palace). But the worst place this affect is the Clone Wars cartoon - which generally maxes out on footage at 720 pixels, or about 2/3s of what's necessary to be good.

    Long story short if you want a card, we'll discuss it but be prepared to be disappointed if there are no high-res images available.

  • I typically charge $35 (starting)
    Yes my catalogue cards are less than a third of that. But that's because I expect to get to use them over and over again. Putting together a card *just for you* is gonna take in the order of probably a couple of hours and I'll only sell it just to you. Of course, if you can convince me to add it to my catalogue, then it's just a new card I'm making and not a commission, and I'll sell it to you for the regular rate. The commissioned work have different backs, so should I ever take something I sold at a commissioned rate and add it to my catalog, the back will be different and you will have the only version of that commissioned card.

*UPDATE for 2023* Yes! So I used to not punch the cards, becasue I could not find a punch that matched the TVC 2.0 aesthetic. However, I set up a die-cut machine to make the proper size hole and now punch all the cards. However, as I'm several hundred figures in before I started this, the vast majority of the pictures on the site still show no punch. They will come punched, however - with a plastic protetor on the back.

Funny enough, if you have enough figures, you'll notice a couple of them do *not* have this warning. This is not a mistake. It's because the toy is not a choking hazard. As a customizer, I choose to not have that. Especially the way Hasbro covers the Hildebrandt Luke and Leia image on the Star Wars frame.